Alan Harnum


I am a former librarian, and a current software developer and design researcher at OCAD University’s Inclusive Design Research Centre. I work on a wide variety of research projects using open source software and open educational resources. I keep a list of presentations I’ve done about work I’ve been involved in; other work (primarily software and open content) can be found via the IDRC’s sites.

I also write poetry, sometimes (but not always) with the involvement of computers. I am interested in how technologies (in the Ursula Franklin sense of that term) and creative practice influence each other, and in how artists build, adapt or otherwise use technologies. Some of my personal software development projects such as “Library Voices” could be described as media art, and I have used them in turn to generate some of my poems.

This is my personal site and opinions here are strictly my own.

Contacting Me

If you are on Twitter, I am (for my sins) fairly active there as @waharnum.

“Programming” in the Obliteration Room late in its existence.