Alan Harnum

Toronto Poetry Map Code Open Sourced

I’m pleased to be able to announce for National Poetry Month 2016 that I’ve worked with my former colleagues at Toronto Public Library to release the code that runs the Toronto Poetry Map launched around this time last year under an open source license for anyone interested in studying the code or using it in their own projects. I was part of the team that worked on the map and had hoped from the start we’d be able to open source the code, so it’s nice a year later to be able to announce the open source release.

You can get the code from GitHub; the license used for the code is the nonrestrictive MIT License, which means you can basically do as you like with it.

Here are some things you could do with the code:

  • Build a poetry map for your town/city/province/country (the data model, map display and geolocation code that forms the core of the application’s complexity is geographically agnostic).

  • Build your own personal map, like if you like to write poetry based on the ramblings of a digital collections Twitter bot. Your bot’s poetry could have its own map! How exciting is that?

  • Rewrite the Javascript to use something better than raw jQuery!

Thank you to my former colleagues at the library for working with me to make this happen!

Screenshot of the open source version of the poetry map