Alan Harnum


03 Mar 2016

Since Access 2015 I have owned the domain after a lot of joking with other attendees there about a Certain Kind of Library Discourseā„¢.

I have now built a full-on fake library conference generator using Python's Flask framework and hosted it at the domain, allowing for endless (or at least a limited amount of) merriment as you browse conferences such as:

The magic of is that it uses wildcard subdomains, so you may visit any library conference of your choice! Please use this power for good and not evil.

For more insight into you may wish to review my artist's statement or the concept of kidding on the square.

Also a reminder:

i am available to speak to YOUR library, library organization or book club on aleatoric branding or anything else you will pay me for!

— Alan Harnum (@waharnum) February 24, 2016