Alan Harnum

My Site Now Includes User Interface Options

17 May 2016

A quick note to say that I have implemented User Interface Options as part of this site, one of the projects we work on at the Inclusive Design Research Centre. It can be accessed through the "Show Display Preferences" tab in the upper right.

The framework of the research community I am part of is best articulated by the Three Dimensions of Inclusive Design. To quote a part of that that I think particularly applies to UI Options:

Inclusive design keeps the diversity and uniqueness of each individual in mind. As individuals spread out from the hypothetical average, the needs of individuals that are outliers, or at the margins, become ever more diverse. Most individuals stray from the average in some facet of their needs or goals. This means that a mass solution does not work well. Optimal inclusive design is best achieved through one-size-fit-one configurations.

The implementation is less than perfect at the moment (I need to adjust the site's CSS further to follow accessibility best practices, like relative-sized rather than fixed-sized fonts), but I'll be working on that in the future.

The implementation is also practically helpful in letting me test some recent work I've been doing to support the use of native HTML range inputs alongside the jQuery UI-based Slider widget.