Alan Harnum

Again, For World Poetry Day

21 Mar 2018

For UNESCO's World Poetry Day 2018, three more found poems from the same project as last year - writing found poetry from library search term feeds.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Drag Race

Tell no one, magnificent obsession
    watercolor; ragdoll sex
            in search of
            the rules do

    The exiled commander-in-chief
            evicted testimony,
            witness, the
            fiery cross
            heading toward omega.

            towards omega, floor
            traders finance
                floor traders.

            Finance home, Hermetic
            Order of the Golden Dawn
            Drag Race! Sex marriage
                of a thousand
                lies strays sleep
                sense, what we
                find sworn to
                silence strays.


Fiction: the rules of normal
  eating just enough beaver,
  plane transformers quotes
    Gospel of Judas.

    Fiction: paper wings
      possessing the secret of
      joy quotes full Christian-

        Fiction: "Git south side with
          you dinosaurs," quotes little
          four-eyes; to the lighthouse,
            dinosaurs of all maladies!

Blackbird Saw Berlin

Ghost basketball forks over
Knives, ketogenic death race.

America, the anxious Chinese
Movies shatter me moans Google.

Alternative process sin seer
Mississippi blood zombie films.

World coins big bear house of
Cards, get out a serious man.

Scotland the house of robots
Crossed bone and bread twilight.

The tender land horror movie
Bloodline brain games eclipse.

Mister maker, earthlings mean
Dreams; blackbird saw Berlin
Becoming real forevermore.